Simpler BAS

From 1 July 2017, small businesses will have less GST information to report on their Business Activity Statement (BAS). As a result of feedback and concerns from small businesses, tax professionals, industry associations and software providers, the ATO has reduced the amount of GST information required for small business to report on their BAS to […]

Big Brother (aka the ATO) is watching….

There has been a massive jump in the sophistication of the ATO’s information systems and data sharing capabilities this year, which means that those avoiding tax, fudging expenses and cash operators are no longer able to escape undetected.   Data analysis and information sharing within government departments is now broadly available, with the ATO able to […]

Is tap-and-go technology promoting financial illiteracy?

This week, the ABC have completed some research into the “tap-and-go generation” and found that from a survey of 1100 high school students many are confused about credit cards and how they work.  There appears to be a worrying trend of financial illiteracy amongst students which appears tap-and-go technology may be contributing to.  

Welcome to our new client portal service

We have talked about our client portal service previously, but now it has been up and running since 1 July 2017 we are pleased to say it has been even more successful than we initially thought.  The feedback that we are getting from you has been overwhelmingly positive, especially with regard to how easy it […]

Bunnings and the massive tradie tax fraud

Bunnings Warehouse has unwittingly found itself in the centre of a massive tradie tax fraud, with Bunnings’ ABN being used in more than 40% of all ABNs quoted in the Northern Territory.   According to the Black Economy Taskforce, these figures give Bunnings the dubious honour of having one of the most quoted ABNs in the entire country. So, […]