Scanlon Richardson Financial Group was born in 2008 from a vision held by two friends who wanted to try their hand at business. As a proud Hobart based accounting firm, we have a strong and loyal client base and have been serving their needs throughout changing financial and personal circumstances. Life is the ultimate journey and we are here to walk through it with you.

Demand for our services has grown exponentially over the last few years. Largely through referrals from our amazing clients, so we figure we must be doing something right! As a result, we have been able to recruit some astounding talent and expand the scope of our services to better attend to the needs of clients.

It is difficult to paint a picture of who we are and capture the rich variety and depths of colour that you will find, so please excuse our attempts to do so here. We can only give you a taster and for the rest you will simply need to immerse yourself in the actual experience.

Why Us?

Excellent question. We live in a world filled with choices and short on time, so let’s keep it simple. Below are a few keywords we have chosen as a group which give you a flavour of our inherent culture …





Let us walk alongside you on your journey and provide the accounting support that you need. We have your back.
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