​Structuring your affairs in the right entities can make all the difference when protecting assets, both in your personal and professional lives, but also when trying to pay a minimum amount of tax. A few available structures in Australia are companies, trusts, super funds, partnerships and sole traders. We help find the right mix for your circumstances.

Legal Engagement

Entity structuring is a huge area of law and is subject to constant change. We operate in the rules as they apply at the time. We would be acting on your instructions to set up a structure. You also give us authority to apply for the registration of an entity on the basis of those instructions.

You would consent and agree that the trustees, appointors, settlors, partners, members and/or officeholders referred to in any application for registration have given permission to be such and shall give the consents and agreements to the company after the company becomes registered. The information provided in any application and in any annexures is true and correct at the time of signing.

Service Components


Asset Protection

We look at how we can protect your personal assets from commercial risks. Your home needs to be protected!!

Tax Planning

We analyse the ability to income split and how your circumstances could help reduce your tax payable.

Officeholders and Shareholders

We help you determine who should control the entity and who should own the structure. We take into account your personal circumstances and needs of the business.

Choosing the structure

Based on discussions, we choose the best structure for you. This includes a discussion about set up costs and ongoing fees.

Owners Drawings

We begin to formulate a strategy that will help you pay yourself in the most tax effective manner. Dividends, distributions, wages and director’s fees are common forms of payment and we will work out which one is best for you.

Legal Documents

We research the most cost effective and reputable legal options to produce the necessary paperwork to allow the structure to exist. We could also use a lawyer as designated by you.

Out of Pockets

Our fee includes sundry items like stamp duty and postage. We won’t come back to you each time we need to pay a small fee to get something done.


You will most likely need a tax file number and ABN. We apply for these on your behalf by filling out all the paperwork and will then present you with the numbers. We also discuss the need for PAYG withholding, GST and other registrations.


You may be changing structures. Our fee includes cancellation of existing registrations for existing structures.
Let us walk alongside you on your journey and provide the accounting support that you need. We have your back.
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