​If you are using a company asset for private purposes (commonly a motor vehicle) then you’re most likely going to need to register for fringe benefits tax. Effectively, this means that the ATO will expect a separate annual return to be lodged around March each year.

Legal Engagement

Due to the impact of GST, it is possible to prepare an FBT return from the information contained in your accounts, but it is necessary to revert to the source documentation to allow us to analyse any implications for fringe benefits tax.

Service Components



Do you need to be registered for Fringe Benefits tax? We will explain to you your lodgement obligations.


We will advise you on how to keep your fringe benefits tax information so that your back office time is minimised.


Often the taxable amount of a fringe benefit can be calculated using different methods. We reduce your FBT expense by using the best method for your annual return.

Draft Preparation

We prepare a working draft document for you to consider. That way, we can work together to pay as little tax as possible.

Final Documents

We use the final documents to prepare your tax returns and help provide advice to you. We keep it in electronic format as well so that it can be emailed efficiently to you.

Payment Summaries

We advise you of the amounts that you will need to put on your employee PAYG Summaries.
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