Culture is Everything

“Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people”
Steve Jobs

You may think that because we are accountants – we look at everything and see numbers! You could not be more wrong when it comes to how much we value each and every member of our team.

We see it as our primary responsibility to nurture and develop the immense talent residing within these walls. Whatever level you want to achieve – we will help you get there.

Our internal culture is extremely important to us – “culture” being defined basically as the way we do things around here.

Some of the inherent qualities you can expect from us

  • We operate on the basis of a flat organisational structure – lines of communication are simple and direct with an open door policy straight to management. Always available for coffee and a chat if you need and being located in the CBD we have access to some great coffee venues!
  • Transparency and regular communication on what is happening in the business
  • Got an idea? Yes please – we want to hear it
  • Work/life balance and flexibility – so long as client needs are being met we are happy to accommodate
  • Challenge yourself to greatness and we will support you with the training and development you need to get there
  • Quarterly social activities on a Friday afternoon
  • Friday drinks, table tennis and views of Mount Wellington with an emphasis on winding down …

Think we might be a good fit for you?

We are not currently hiring for a specific position, however we are always open to suggestions and opportunities! Send us your resume and tell us a bit about what you are looking for:
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