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  • Securely receive and share your documents online
  • Significantly reduce document handling and processing times
  • Automatic notifications when a file is uploaded
  • One authenticated digital signature instead of signing multiple documents

How it Works:


Step 1: Check Your Inbox

We send an activation email to your designated email address with your user name. You will need to click on the Activate button and set up a password


Step 2: Download, view & digitally sign Documents

We upload your tax return documents to your portal and you will be notified by email that there are documents for you to view. Download and view the documents then digitally sign. No need to email, post or bring them in to the office


Step 3: Once signed, we lodge with the ato

When you have checked and signed, we receive a notification email so that we can lodge your tax returns with the ATO

Step 4: upload documents FOR your tax returns

You can also scan and upload documents remotely for us to process your tax returns. We will be notified by email whenever you upload a document for us to see

CLICK HERE To See How To View and Sign Documents

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