​To activate this service, we have most likely had a chat about what accounting software solution is best for you. You are either upgrading from an older software solution or are starting one for the first time. You can see the need to free up your time by getting a better bookkeeping system and provide us with reconciled information to keep costs down.
You should be aware that this does not include any IT or internet connectivity-based services. If we run into any technology issues we will make you aware of them and continue to work together to get your back office running smoothly.

​Service Components

  • 1
    ​Software Choice
    Using our research into the various options and matching them up with your needs, we will recommend which product we think is best and explain why.
  • 2
    ​Data Entry
    In order to get your records to a point that we can prepare meaningful reports for you, we have a vast array of in-house or external solutions to collate the information necessary to complete your financial statements. Training options are also available to help you achieve the goal of back office independence. See ‘Bookkeeping’ for more information.
  • 3
    Software Registration
    We can help you set up a trial version of the software, and if you are happy, we will give you the log in details. You will ultimately own the product.
  • 4
    ​Chart of Accounts
    We will help provide a chart of accounts that can accommodate your business needs. For example, do you need stock or payroll? The accounts need to help you managerially and be compliant for Tax Office purposes.
  • 5
    ​Tax Codes
    Making sure your software can handle the various taxes that may apply is important. For example, if you are registered for GST then we make sure the software can help you prepare a BAS.
  • 6
    ​Bank Feeds
    Most software programs integrate with your bank accounts and we will help you set this up. Your bank should be able to feed reconciled information to your software daily.
  • 7
    ​Phone Support Service
    Our service team can assist you with any questions you may have in relation to your new software. Help is on call.
  • 8
    We help you manage who has access to your files and who can make changes.
  • 9
    ​Payroll Set up
    If you have employees, we can help you set up processes to assist you in what can be a time consuming area of your business.
  • 10
    File Maintenance
    Our dedicated service team will ensure that your data file is maintained, so that your information is the same as what we lodge to the relevant government organisations. If the Tax Office want to query something, we are ready.
  • 11
    We have training available at $150 per hour. Even if you have never used a computer, we can help you. Learning how to use your software effectively will help save accounting fees in the long run.

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